Eight levels of commerce and culture come together as one mixed-use campus.

World-class interiors by acclaimed architecture practice Scott Carver

A gleaming vertical development will crown the existing building, offering views from each storey

Flexible, light-filled workspaces

Cultural Retail

A corner store that meets the moment for a transformed Oxford Street.

VERONA’s refined ground-floor retail will become a cornerstone of the Paddington experience for locals and visitors alike. An adapted subterranean cinema will be on a more intimate scale than the current four-screen complex, but feature more inviting lounge areas that will make moviegoers want to arrive earlier, and linger longer.

VERONA platforms global and local makers alike

Destination-worthy, design-focused retail

Creative Workspaces

VERONA is somewhere workers can be proud to commute to and from.

With sleek End of Trip facilities, exemplary sustainability credentials and reconfigurable personal workspace setups, VERONA will be a place for work and leisure in equal measure. Bringing together a suite of like-minded commercial tenants, the building is a hub for creative thinkers in a neighbourhood that exemplifies Sydney’s village lifestyle.

Generous commercial floor plates can be tailored to your business needs

Rooftop Food & Drink

The Sydney skyline, viewed through a wide-angle lens.

VERONA’s coveted rooftop will host a bold new restaurant offering in open air. With recent easing of rooftop noise legislation, VERONA can be on the front foot of a new era for Oxford Street – one that’s culturally activated day to night, top to bottom and all year round.

Rooftop spaces for collaborative commercial use